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Matthews Williams mattwill at pacbell.net
Fri Apr 22 12:11:15 PDT 2016

One of the key issues that affects our whole community is the antiquated state of our telecommunications infrastructure.
To address both quality of life and an economic development issues, Davis needs to build take proactive steps to upgrade its telecommunications/broadband network, replacing the current Comcast-provided  network (predominantly coaxial cable, with some fiber) with an all-fiber to the premises (“FTTP”) DavisGIG network.  Why DavisGIG?  Because every home and business in Davis would have lightning fast Internet speeds of up to one Gigabit (1000 Megabits) per second.
To accomplish that, the City has chartered a Broadband Advisory Task Force (“BATF”) to study options for improved broadband access for the City, and make recommendations of future courses of action to the City Council.  
The BATF in conjunction with Davis Community Network (“DCN”) is currently seeking proposals for a FTTP Feasibility Study that will present the recommended business direction and operating principles for municipal delivery of fiber optic broadband services to every home and business in Davis.  
The Feasibility Study’s business plan, analysis and strategies will focus on how the Davis FTTP market opportunity should be approached from a range of business dimensions including marketing, product design and pricing, organization structure, financial planning, and considerations of risk and competitive behavior.
Improving our telecommunications infrastructure will not only support our community’s economic sustainability, it will also open up opportunities for students in the DJUSD system as they think about their career choices and electronically network/collaborate with people with similar interests.  The DJUSD robotics team CitrusCircuits is a perfect example of how exciting that kind of collaboration can be.

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