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Montgomery Sees Job Gains in Alabama After Establishing Internet Exchange -
Community Broadband Bits Episode 195
Tue, March 29, 2016 | Posted by christopher

In a partnership with the Department of Defense, the city of Montgomery has
created Alabama's first Internet Exchange. This week, project manager
Cyber Connection <http://mix-al.net/>, Ben Venable, joins us to discuss
this project and the gains the community is already seeing from it.

The effort is a true partnership between General Steven Kwast at Maxwell
Air Force Base, the city and county of Montgomery, and others like Wide
Open West, the nation's 9th largest cable company. WOW!'s network architect
brought not only important technical knowledge, but a major ISP that
recognized the benefits of local interconnection.

We discuss how the project began, why it is important, expected (and
already achieved) benefits, and how other communities might consider
creating their own Internet Exchange. Additional background on the story
from WSFA
 and GovTech

... Listen to the Show Here ...

AT&T Tries to End the Magic of One Touch Make-Ready
Mon, March 28, 2016 | Posted by hannah

On the border of Kentucky and Indiana a fight is brewing as AT&T and Google
Fiber have both announced plans to bring Gigabit Internet service to
Louisville, Kentucky. Home to over half a million, the city could see major
economic development with new ultra high-speed Internet access, but there’s
a problem: the utility poles.

AT&T is suing the city
a “one touch make-ready” ordinance. On February 11, 2016, the Louisville
Metro Council passed the ordinance
order to facilitate new competitors, i.e. Google Fiber.

*Utility Poles: Key to Aerial Deployment*

Make-ready is the shorthand for making a utility pole ready for new
attachments. Although it may seem simple, this process is often expensive
and time-consuming. To add a new cable, others may have to be shifted in
order to meet safety and industry standards. Under the common procedure,
this process can take months as each party has to send out an independent
crew to move each section of cabling.

... Read our Full Coverage Here ...

It Takes a Village: Yellow Springs, Ohio Grassroots Group Wants Fiber
Thu, March 31, 2016 | Posted by hannah

In the Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio, Springs-Net
<http://www.yellow-springs.net/> has created quite a stir among the 3,500
people. This grassroots group of villagers is advocating for a municipal
network. Last year, they hosted a community Fiber Forum featuring our own
Chris Mitchell
Now, they’re continuing the push for better home Internet access.

Springs-Net released a white paper on a possible municipal fiber network
<http://www.yellow-springs.net/download.html>, bringing the results to the
Village Council
February 16th. Although cautious of leaping into a large project, the
Village Council recognized the benefits a network could have for the town
and agreed to meet with the group in April to discuss next steps to
improving connectivity.

... More on What Yellow Springs is Looking To Do Here ...

Southern Tier Network Continues Fiber Expansion in Upstate New York
Fri, April 01, 2016 | Posted by ternste

The Southern Tier Network (STN) <http://www.southerntiernetwork.org/aboutus>,
a community-owned dark fiber network that spans multiple counties in
upstate New York, enables fast, affordable, reliable Internet access in New
York’s Southern Tier region. Locally based private Internet service
provider Empire Access offers services via the network as it continues to

The Corning Leader reports
<http://www.the-leader.com/article/20160228/NEWS/160229758> that Empire
Access intends to offer residential Internet access over the STN in the
Cities of Corning and Elmira sometime in the next year.

*Empire Access*

Empire Access <http://www.empireaccess.com/news-offers/current-offers>,
which offers current customers Internet access, voice, and 200-plus Digital
TV channels, is waiting to launch services in Corning and Elmira until
after they gain approval from the New York Public Service Commission
(NYPSC) to provide digital TV services in these communities. Although the
company could begin offering fiber and phone services at any time, the
company wants to be able to offer the full bundle of options before they
officially launch in Coring and Elmira.

... We Shed More Light on This Dark Fiber Here ...

Sixth Annual SHLB Conference April 27 - 29 at Crystal City, VA
Sat, April 02, 2016 | Posted by ternste

The Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB) is hosting its
sixth annual conference from April 27 - 29 at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal
City, VA <https://aws.passkey.com/g/54843686>(near Reagan National Airport
in Washington DC).

>From the SHLB website <http://shlb.org/conference>:

Every year SHLB's Annual Conference attracts 200-300 people from across the
country to discuss key broadband policy issues that are important to anchor
institutions and their communities. This year's sixth Annual Conference
will focus on E-rate Compliance, Lifeline Reform, Telehealth, and Fiber
Build Out, as well as other policies and funding programs that will impact
broadband deployment for anchor institutions and communities.

The conference officially kicks off at 12 p.m. noon on Wednesday, April 27th

... More on This Event Here ...

Community Broadband Media Roundup - April 4
Mon, April 04, 2016 | Posted by Nick <http://muninetworks.org/users/nick>


Government, Google to help San Francisco improve its Internet connectivity
Jason Axelrod, American City & County Magazine


Business depends on high-speed Internet
Sarah Lucas, Traverse City Record Eagle

*New York*

County, federal government to collaborate on local broadband deployments
Phil Goldstein, State Tech Magazine

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