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Hi Dave

These are great questions, some a little preliminary to where this is.

On 4/1/2016 11:28 AM, Dave Hart wrote:
> I've been following this issue at a distance and now that you are 
> asking for $$ and for me to encourage others to do the same, I have 
> questions that I need answers to before I get all starry-eyed talking 
> to my neighbors.
>     1.  What are the critical milestones for getting this network 
> installed?
The first "milestone" is giving the broadband task force a Feasibility 
Report it needs to make a recommendation on an operational business 
model to the CC. The CC, based on the recommendation of the BATF, should 
choose a business model they would like to see built out and then put 
out RFP that business model.

I'd say after choosing that vendor, the next milestone would be the 
engineering study, and then the network build out.

DavisGIG advocates for a municipal ownership of the physical network 
infrastructure, network operations by a community non-profit, and 
open-access to whichever IP, TV, or Phone provider that would like to 
sell services over the network to the residents.

Right now we need you and your neighbors help with the FSR, by far and 
away the least expensive  part of this process. The RFP for this was 
designed  by DavisGIG.
> 2.  What guarantee would I have that once a fiber optic network is in 
> place that I would have access at my address?
Help get the best model adopted by helping us fund this now. That is 
going to give you a better chance. Although we will all advise the City 
that this needs to be built out to all homes and businesses, there are 
other models out there that focus solely on core business areas. We 
believe that is the wrong model. I could attest that if the DavisGIG 
model gets adopted, all residences will be built out.

>     3.  How much time would lapse between the initial phases of 
> installation and total build out?
IT depends on the vendor that gets chosen to build this out, and the 
subcontractor. I'd think that once the permits are clear and we have a 
group working it, it would be 12-18 months. Davis is very dense, has 
easy topography, and easy soil. All things working in our factor. 
Pacific Utility Construction, a company that builds out fiber, and based 
in Woodland, has estimated about a year with their 6 bore crews.

>     4.  What data speeds and how much throughput would fiber optic 
> provide at my address?
I'd think at the minimum the network would be built out to give a 
capacity of 1 Gbps available throughput to the end user. Standards weare 
looking at closely for that on the passive optical side would be 
NG-PON-2, and on the active side, fiber based carrier ethernet would 
definitley support that. Passive optics are cheaper to deploy because 
you dont need active electronics in repeater cabinets in the 
neighborhood, you use beam splitting.

>     5.  What price would I have to pay?
Well, if our model is selected and its open access to a variety of 
vendors, for access only, I'm thinking about $40-$60 monthly. For 
instance, independent ISP, Sonic.Net charges $40 monthly for up to 
Gigabit Service/Phone in locations it owns infrastructure. The bandwidth 
is likely the least expensive portion on  recurring costs proceeding 
into the future with this type of network. However in our scenario, a 
portion of that monthly payment returns to the city in the form of lease 
fees. By asking you and your neighbors to donate now, you will be seeing 
to the continued prosperity of Davis in addition to better broadband access.

> Dave Hart, Davis, CA 95618
> On 4/1/16 10:22 AM, Robert Nickerson via Davisgig-announce wrote:
>> *
>> Greetings Davisites
>> Our effort to bring a community fiber-optic network to Davis proceeds 
>> -- with some good news to report.
>> First,DavisGIG <http://www.davisgig.org/>has teamed up with the long 
>> time Davis nonprofit,Davis Community Network <http://www.dcn.org/>, 
>> to be our fiscal agent, to collect funds, and assist with our 
>> campaign to build this network.
>> Second, the Broadband Advisory Task Force, which City Council 
>> authorized in Dec 2015, had its first meeting March 23rd, and its 
>> composition is a powerhouse of community leaders. They have come 
>> together to make a recommendation to our city council on the best 
>> course of action to create a world-class, fiber-optic network for 
>> Davis. Nearly half of the BATF membership have been involved with the 
>> DavisGIG effort, and are aware of what we want to accomplish. We need 
>> to educate the remaining Task Force members of how much we all value 
>> a community-owned alternative to Internet Duopoly.
>> Third, for the City to move forward, we will need  a Feasibility 
>> Study Report that objectively evaluates options for a fiber-optic 
>> deployment for Davis. We want this to be prepared by a professional 
>> broadband planning consultancy. DavisGIG volunteers have completed 
>> and are ready to publish a Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit a 
>> vendor for this report.
>> We believe it would be a very powerful statement to our community 
>> leaders if we funded this report from contributions made by everyone 
>> from our City! If we match our ardor with a small investment, it will 
>> demonstrate to City leaders how important this will be to our 
>> community. An investment in our City's infrastructure is an 
>> investment in your future. Pleasedonate 
>> <http://www.davisgig.org>today! Link at bottom! And be ready to help 
>> on May 3rd, theBig Day of Giving <https://bigdayofgiving.org/>!
>> We also need your help NOW to convince our City leaders we want 
>> better Internet options. We want equal network access opportunities 
>> for all residents, lower prices and better service, through 
>> competitive choice, and a boost for our economy. One of the many 
>> benefits to community ownership would mean a portion of our monthly 
>> broadband payments returned to support our city.
>> There are THREE (3) ways we are asking everyone to help move this 
>> project forward.
>> 1) Make a tax-deductible*donation <http://www.davisgig.org>at the 
>> bottom of our page  to help pay for the study we need. Consider 
>> DavisGIG on theBig Day of Giving <https://goo.gl/CY3USP>
>> 2) Send a letter about your broadband experiences, and what you would 
>> like for Davis’ broadband future to the staff liaison of theBroadband 
>> Advisory Task Force 
>> <http://cityofdavis.org/city-hall/commissions-and-committees/broadband-advisory-task-force>, 
>> please forward a copy to help at dcn.org
>> 3) Forward this message to your friends, neighborhood lists, and 
>> community groups.
>> With your help we can address many problems our City faces with this 
>> one solution. We can diversify the economy, attract and retain 
>> businesses, provide better, cheaper Internet connections to our 
>> residences, address digital-divide issues, and create new revenues 
>> for our city.
>> In Appreciation
>> Davis GIG Committee
>> Davis Community Network
>> *The Davis Community Network is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and 
>> contributions to it qualify as charitable under federal and state tax 
>> codes. Earmark your contribution for DavisGIG to specify its use for 
>> efforts to bring municipal fiber to Davis.
>> *
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