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Municipal Broadband Referenda Crush the Polls in Colorado
Wed, November 04, 2015 | Posted by lgonzalez

The "constant drumbeat" of complaints about poor connectivity pounding from
Colorado communities ended with a climactic crash at the polls on
in 44 communities
- 27 cities and towns; 17 counties - all passed overwhelmingly to reclaim
local telecommunications authority.

*Staggering Approval*

The landslide victory was no surprise. Last year, nine communities asked
voters the same issue of whether or not they wanted the ability to make
local telecommunications decisions. That right was taken away 10 years ago
by SB 152. Two other communities took up the question earlier this year
with 75 percent
 and 92 percent
voters supporting local telecommunications authority.

A few larger communities, such as Boulder
, Montrose
and Centennial
presented the issue to the voters and reclaimed local authority in prior
years. This year, most of the voting took place in smaller, rural
communities where incumbents have little incentive to invest in network

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Decorah and Vinton Voters Choose Munis for Better Connectivity in the Corn
Thu, November 05, 2015 | Posted by lgonzalez

Colorado may have been the epicenter
<http://www.muninetworks.org/content/voters-quiet-drums-polls-colorado> of
local authority disruption this election cycle but two Iowa elections were
also worth exploring.

*Decorah Chooses Muni Authority*

In Decorah, the community of 8,000 received awards
its innovative use of the city's dark fiber network, MetroNet. A community
led effort, Decorah FastFiber <http://www.decorahfastfiber.com/>, convinced
community leaders to ask voters if they want to expand the use of that
fiber. Voters decided *1,289 to 95* to give the city the authority to
establish a municipal telecommunications network.

Decorah's ballot question specifically asked if that authority should
extend to video, voice, telephone, data, and all other forms of
telecommunications and cable communications, reports the News
<http://www.decorahnews.com/news-stories/2015/11/12147.html>. A second
ballot question, which passed with similar results, asked voters to
authorize the city to establish a Board of Trustees for the utility.

... More on These Iowa Victories Here ...

Chattanooga Crushes It - Marketing, Technology, and Nearby Communities -
Community Broadband Bits Podcast 175
Tue, November 03, 2015 | Posted by christopher

Chattanooga returns to the Community Broadband Bits podcast this week in
episode 175 to talk about their 10 Gbps
<http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term14> upgrade, the fibervention
<http://muninetworks.org/content/more-fiberventions-chattanooga> campaign,
TN4Fiber <http://www.tn4fiber.org/>, and having surpassed 75,000

For so much content, we have three guests joining us from Chattanooga's
Electric Power Board (the EPB in EPB Fiber <https://epbfi.com/>): Danna
Bailey is the VP of Corporate Communications, Beth Johnson is the Marketing
Manager, and Colman Keane is the Director of Fiber Technology.

Danna gives some background on what they are doing in Chattanooga and how
excited people in nearby communities are for Chattanooga to bring local
Internet choice to SE Tennessee if the state would stop protecting the
AT&T, Comcast, and Charter monopolies from competition.

Beth tells us about the Fibervention campaign and how excited people are
once they experience the full fiber optic experience powered by a
locally-based provider.

And finally, Colman talks tech with us regarding the 10 Gbps platform,
branded NextNet. We tried to get a bit more technical for the folks that
are very curious about these cutting edge technologies on a passive optical

... Listen to the Show Here
... Read the transcript from episode 175 here

MuniWireless Works in Lompoc…Just The Way They Like It
Mon, November 02, 2015 | Posted by hannah

The early 2000s created a boom of both public and private wireless projects
throughout the U.S., but many struggled with unrealistic expectations and
flopped. Successful muni wireless networks transformed themselves, adapting
to the changing needs of the communities. Some, such as Sandy, Oregon
<http://muninetworks.org/content/gig-city-sandy-home-60-gig>, have
transitioned to Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH
<http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term13>) networks where the high-speed
fiber-optic <http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term10> cable is hooked up
directly to the home. Others repurposed their networks to provide other
needed services -- like in Lompoc, California.

Lompoc transformed its $4 million
network, LompocNet <http://www.cityoflompoc.com/lompocnet/>, into a
full-fledged Broadband Utility. Originally, the city council hatched the
idea of a subscriber-based Wi-Fi
but times changed quickly. Now, the Broadband Utility primarily provides
much-needed internal connectivity for city services.

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In New England, Greenfield Votes For a Municipal Network Too
Fri, November 06, 2015 | Posted by hannah

It wasn’t just Colorado cities and counties
<http://www.muninetworks.org/content/voters-quiet-drums-polls-colorado> along
with Iowa communities
this week. Back east, Greenfield, Massachusetts also rushed to the polls to
support local Internet choice.

Greenfield is planning to use a combination of fiber and Wi-Fi
<http://muninetworks.org/glossary/1#term29> to deliver services - an
approach that has had limited success in the past due to the technical
limitations of Wi-Fi.

*The Vote*

At Tuesday’s Annual Meeting, residents voted on the future of high-speed
Internet access in the town. The referendum, the first step in creating a
municipal broadband network, saw a landslide victory.

The people gave a resounding message that they wanted to pursue a network:
3,287 people voted in favor; only 696 were opposed. According to the local
paper the Recorder
this nonbinding ballot referendum allows the town to create a nonprofit to
run the municipal broadband network.

... Read the Rest About This Plan Here ...

West Virginia Coop Expands Rural Internet Access
Tue, November 03, 2015 | Posted by hannah

As in the rest of the country, broadband is now a necessity for rural
economic development in West Virginia. Taking on the challenge, Spruce Knob
Seneca Rocks Telephone (SKSRT) cooperative
<http://www.spruceknob.net/index.htm> overcame impressive obstacles to
build a state-of-the-art fiber optic network.

The cooperative operates in some of the most serene landscape in the United
States and some of the most difficult terrain for fiber deployments. The
region’s economy primarily relies on ski resorts and tourism from its
namesake, Spruce Knob, the highest peak in the Allegheny Mountains.

SKSRT’s service area also includes the National Radio Quiet Zone, which
creates unique challenges for the cooperative. Established in 1958 by the
FCC, the National Radio Quiet Zone protects the radio telescopes at the
National Radio Astronomy Observatory from interference.  Because these
telescopes are incredibly sensitive, the region is greatly restricted in
deploying different types of telecommunication technologies. In certain
areas of the quiet zone, closest to the observatory, wireless routers and
two-way radios are prohibited.

... More About this Coop Success Story Here ...

RFP in Erie County Means Big Broadband Plans in Upstate New York
Wed, November 04, 2015 | Posted by ternste

In October 2015, government officials in Erie County, New York announced
the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP)
an organization to study the feasibility of building a county-wide
broadband network. Located in upstate New York and home to over 900,000
people, Erie County stretches over 1,200 square feet; the county seat is

Legislator Patrick Burke
that community broadband projects have become a rare kind of government-led
initiative that appeals to people across all political divides:

“It covers all grounds and sort of goes beyond political ideology. It’s a
quality service. It could provide revenues that the county desperately
needs, it could attract business, it could spark economic development and
it could create jobs. So, there’s a little bit in this for everybody,” said

... Read the Rest Here ...

Happy Birthday, Next Century Cities!
Sun, November 08, 2015 | Posted by lgonzalez

One year ago, we helped launch Next Century Cities
a collaboration between local governments that want to ensure fast,
reliable, affordable Internet access for all. Our own Chris Mitchell, as
Policy Director, has helped shape the organization with Executive Director
Deb Socia and Deputy Director Todd O'Boyle.

Over the past 12 months:

   - Membership has grown from 32 communities to 121
   - Population represented by Next Century Cities has climbed from 6.5
   million to 23.9 million
   - Member states have increased from 19 to 33

The organization has been recognized by
White House, testified
Congress, and has been instrumental in launching a number of awards. The
organization has developed resources
 andorganized events
assemble members who want to share innovative ideas. Learn more about their
accomplishments at the blog

We look forward to another year of working with Next Century Cities toward
the goal of fast, affordable, reliable Internet access for all.

Community Broadband Media Roundup - November 6
Sun, November 08, 2015 | Posted by rebecca

*News Stories By State*


Americans are paying more for broadband speed but getting less
David Lazarus, The Los Angeles Times


Colorado communities trying to lift limits on municipal broadband
John Aguilar, The Denver Post

Twenty six Colorado cities, counties lift 10-year ban on municipal
broadband investment
Sean Buckley, Fierce Telecom

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You can always find our most recent stories and other resources at http://MuniNetworks.org
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