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Let It Be Local: 43 Colorado Communities to Vote on Better Broadband
Fri, October 30, 2015 | Posted by Tom Ernste

One year ago, a wave started in Colorado as voters in a handful of
to reclaim the local telecommunications authority revoked by CenturyLink
lobbyists in 2005. This year, the wave is even bigger.

*Colorado Communities Want the Choice*

As 2015 election day approaches, voters in 43 Colorado communities are on
track to keep the momentum going across the state. A total of 17 counties,
26 towns, and at least 3 school districts are taking the issue to voters,
reports the Colorado Municipal League
Referendums to opt out of restrictive SB 152
<http://muninetworks.org/tags/tags/sb-152> will take place across the
state, much to the chagrin of big ISPs who spent millions in lobbying
dollars to get the bill passed.

In 2014, nine communities overwhelmingly chose to reclaim local authority.
Some of those communities, including Boulder
 and Rio Blanco County
are taking steps forward. The intention of the referendums were primarily
to take back a local right hijacked by the state legislature in 2005 and
some communities may never take any action. A number of Colorado news
outlets, includinglocal KUNC
the Durango Herald
and the Denver Post
the tide of local self-reliance and expect it to swell.

... Colorado is VOTING TODAY!
... More Details and Results on MuniNetworks.org Wed! ...

More "Fiberventions" In Chattanooga
Mon, October 26, 2015 | Posted by lgonzalez

Chattanooga EPB has selected two new winners of its "Fibervention"
campaign. We introduced you to Ms. Martha
<http://muninetworks.org/content/fibervention-break-cable-habit-chattanooga> in
August; during September and October, the winners were the Rolles and a
student named Monica.

Winners, nominated by a "Fiberventionist," receive three months of free EPB
fiber optic service, a Roku online streaming player, and several other cool
gifts <http://epbfibervention.com/about-1/>. The Rolles also received a new
laptop and Monica received a new TV.
Here are their stories and Fibervention videos:

*Chris and Dorothy Rolle are making a difference in Avondale, one child at
a time. Every morning, they arise at 4 a.m. to help provide a nutritious
breakfast, healthy snacks and school supplies for nearly 100 children who
gather at the bus stop across the street. EPB staged a one-of-a-kind
Fibervention to give them a helping hand. Together we can all be neighbors
helping neighbors.*

... Watch These Entertaining Videos Here ...

Exploring Early Stages of Building Municipal Fiber - Community Broadband
Bits Episode 174
Tue, October 27, 2015 | Posted by christopher

When communities consider building their own network, they are often
venturing outside their areas of expertise and have to get advice from
consultants and industry experts. This week, we talk with two guests
from Vantage
Point <http://vantagepnt.com/>, an employee owned engineering and
consulting firm that works with a variety of clients, from private
companies to municipalities on telecommunications matters.

President Chad Glanzer and Assistant Director of Engineering Carmen O'Neill
explain the early stages of planning around community fiber networks and
some of the trade-offs that can be made. For instance, paying more in
upfront planning can lower the costs and uncertainty of future construction.

We talk about the importance of financial forecasts and how those estimates
interact with the network design process. We hope this discussion helps
local officials and activists better understand what early stages look like
if they want to build a community fiber network.

...  Listen to the Show Here
... Read the transcript from this episode here

Hudson Brings Velocity to Businesses in Ohio
Tue, October 27, 2015 | Posted by Tom Ernste

In mid-September, Hudson, Ohio launched
 its Velocity Broadband service
<http://www.hudsonvelocity.com/Business/Default.aspx>, bringing 1 gig
connectivity to a large business complex. The commercial site is the first
in series of industrial areas where the city officials plan to bring the
network in the coming years. The community, located near Akron, hopes to
eventually bring Velocity Broadband to residential areas.

The network is already exceeding expectations
than a month after the initial network launch, City Manager Jane Howington
said local officials expect to surpass their goal of 50 customers by the
end of 2015:

"It's moving faster than we thought," said City Manager Jane Howington.
"Demand has been much greater than we thought."

Merchants are embracing Hudson’s new status as a “Gig City,” offering “Giga
Specials” during the month of October and the city’s mayor declared October
“Gigabit City Month.”

... Hear More From Hudson at  this Link ...

Small Town Coop, Big Gig Connection
Wed, October 28, 2015 | Posted by Tom Ernste

In an April 2015 press release
<http://www.nemont.net/announcement-detail.php?id=59>, the
telecommunications cooperative Nemont Communications announced their plans
to make the small, rural town of Scobey, Montana
<http://www.scobeymt.com/scobey/> the first gigabit community in the state.
The network will serve commercial, governmental, and residential customers
in this Northeastern Montana town of just over 1,000 people. This speed
increase to gig-level is a result of upgrades to the existing fiber network.

Scobey is inside of Nemont’s 14,000 square mile service territory where
they began upgrades to fiber in 2007. The cooperative dates back to 1950
when farmers in the area organized to form their own telephone systems. The
current service territory spans parts of Northeastern Montana, Northwestern
North Dakota, South Central Montana, and Northern Wyoming.

... Get the Big Story on the Small Town ...

College Station Wants Competition: Finds It In Their Fiber
Thu, October 29, 2015 | Posted by lgonzalez

Elected officials hope competition via city-owned fiber will give
businesses and residents some connectivity headway in College Station,

The community will lease its city-owned fiber to local ISP, WireStar
<http://wirestar.servicezones.net/BCS>, in order to foster local
competition. City Councilmember James Benham told KBTX
community leaders want high-speed connectivity for businesses and residents
and want to create a competitive environment to encourage affordable
prices. He described incumbent Suddenlink as "not always the best fit,"
pointing to the need for high-speed access in multi-family dwellings.

... Read More About Their Approach and their Partner ...

Malkia Cyril Receives 2015 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award
Mon, October 26, 2015 | Posted by Tom Ernste

At a ceremony in early October, the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation
<http://hmhfoundation.org/site/> gave its 2015 First Amendment Award to
Malkia Cyril, the Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice
<http://centerformediajustice.org/>. She received the award for her role as
a network neutrality advocate and for emphasizing its connection to civil

Malkia has also been recognized for her work as a co-founder of the Media
Action Grassroots Network. Her writings on network neutrality and
communications rights of prisoners have appeared in the Huffington Post,
Politico, and a number of other publications.

... Watch her Speech Here ...

Audio Available: Financing Fiber for the New Economy Conference in Lexington
Mon, November 02, 2015 | Posted by Tom Ernste

At a September conference in Lexington, Kentucky, Next Century Cities (NCC)
hosted an influential and diverse group of leaders from the municipal
broadband arena to share their experiences as leaders in community
broadband. Four audio recordings, which you can find
<http://nextcenturycities.org/resources/>on NCC’s website, include panel
discussions on a variety of issues surrounding the topic of financing for
next generation broadband.

*Recording #1: “Lexington Mayor Jim Gray and the Kentucky Wired Story”*

In the first recording, Lexington Mayor Gray and the city’s Chief
Information Officer discuss their ongoing efforts to make Lexington a
gigabit city <http://muninetworks.org/tags/tags/lexington>. These efforts
are part of a broader initiative also discussed on building a statewide 3,000
mile fiber optic ring
Several Kentucky government leaders make remarks about the project,
called Kentucky
Wired <http://finance.ky.gov/initiatives/nextgenkih/pages/default.aspx>,
including their thoughts about the public-private partnership model that is
helping make the project possible.

... More Details on the Rest of the Recordings Here ...

You can always find our most recent stories and other resources at http://MuniNetworks.org
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