[Davisgig] Another motivation for the city to install fiber

Wes Hardaker wes at hardakers.net
Mon May 11 14:11:42 PDT 2015

While chatting with my parents about the age-old debate of "amazon vs
buying local", a thought occurred to me: with the modern world making
ordering online super easy, and with local business having a hard time
the city has always been fighting with trying to keep the sales tax
revenue up as high as it can.  But, another component of that is where
people work that have the incomes to spend locally in the first place.
I think there is an argument to be made that having a good network here
will attract telecommunters that will bring in outside revenue and will
help prop the city up by bringing money inside the borders of Davis.
IE, having a good network would (in the longer run) probably help
bolster the local economy by shuffling money in, rather than out.

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